Dad, its your birthday and today was always a day of surprises. On this day i can not send you  flowers or a cake or surprise you by ringing your door bell. Everything we took for granted is now no longer  even a possibility.  I miss you every single day. Hope you are well where ever you are. Here is something I wrote for you, here is wishing you a blessed afterlife.

It was always you

Who had faith in me

Was there ready to catch me

If I fall

I never told you enough

How much I loved you how much i was grateful for you

But one day I will

When I meet you in the afterlife

There are places I have been

There is music I have heard

There are sights I have seen

And laurels I have earned

You packed up and left much before that

They say your time was come

I’ll share this sights with you, these places i have been

I’ll share this music I hav heard

When I meet you in the afterlife

I have cried and I have laughed

I have known ecstasy and been friends with pain

I have walked on and tried not to look back

I have waited to hear you

I have longed to sense you , to be near you

I know we will sit and watch the sunset again

Watch the birds fly by

The waves crash, smell the air

I will be at peace at last

When I meet you in the afterlife

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