Client Review

Tahir Bhasin

Actor, Indian Film Industry

TR dance starts with the foundation of your dance form and works it way up from there. Their passion will make you fall in love with dance. I found my time with them meditative, informative but most of all fun!

Sahil Jaffery

Playwright and Director

I have worked with Tanushree & Rahul for 7 years now and i have learnt so much from them over the years that it has added to my craft as a Writer & Director. The possibilities are truly endless with them & you can give them any brief of any wild imagination that has crept into your mind & they will find a way to bring that to life. Now that is what we want from a group of thorough professionals. And add some fluid movements to the act & what you get is shear magic. Every year I have given them something bizarre to construct they have taken my idea & made it even more wow! Give these guys a challenge & they will show that they can make it better. TR Dance Co. is what makes my Plays Awesome! They make me look good...

Taaha Shah

Actor, Indian Film Industry

I never knew what dance consisted of until I met Rahul and Tanushree...
There is a science of dance and they are the Einsteins of it. More than just having the knowledge they are profoundly gifted as teachers/gurus. I know that without their base work I would not be where I am today.

Butch Godito

Ballet Master/Former Principal Dancer

As a Ballet Master for decades I can safely say, a great way to achieve results is to teach students with lots of discipline. I was impressed with the efficient and professional way TR Dance Company delivered each time I conduct ballet class for the company. I found them very interested to learn classical ballet especially with the leadership of Tanushree and Rahul. Both of them lead their team by example. By always putting their best foot forward. On the scale of 1-10, I will give 9 for TR Dance Company. I would recommend TR Dance Company to everyone wishing to learn dance. Keep up the good work guys!

Saiesha Jaffery

Head Mistress, Aditya Birla World Academy

I Have had the opportunity to work at close quarters with TRDC from 2011 to 2015 and in these 5 years they have not only founded a robust dance culture at the our school, but they have also given us 5, back to back super hit annual productions. Their approach towards dance and teaching is nothing short of brilliant as their classes are fun, energetic and informative.

It is clear that Tanushree and Rahul will be at the forefront of modern contemporary dancing in India. Their passion and talent is commendable, but what is even more remarkable, is their appetite for educating young children and giving them a sound base and a great platform to train in the western, classical and popular dance styles.

Cherry Mardia

Actor, Indian Film Industry



I've am grateful to have been a part of TR that takes the art of dance so seriously and yet has the right amount of fun. I never imagined that the impact of training in technique would benefit me in other aspects of fitness, body language, posture etc so much. Thank you TR!